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product characteristics:
this product is a new type of plant nutrient solution synthesized through scientific mixing on the basis of the existing formula. it is specially designed for transplanting big trees to survive. it is environmentally friendly, efficient and nutritious. it has the advantages of high energy, fast diffusion and easy absorption, which can effectively improve the activity of root cells and make the tree full of vitality. functional characteristics:
1. supplementing energy to quickly heal the mechanical trauma of the tree in the process of transplantation;
2. strengthen the root activity and promote the growth of big trees.
3. accelerate the survival and improve the resistance to diseases and insects of big trees.
scope of application:
trees and flowers transplantation, large-scale afforestation, ancient trees rejuvenation
usage method:
1. dilute 400 times with water as fixed root water to irrigate roots.
2. difficult rooting and old, weak and disabled trees can be properly watered once every 10 days, depending on the growth of trees.
matters needing attention:
1. increase the amount of water added appropriately at high temperature and drought.
2. it is better to use with dr. lin's hanging bag solution and qubing no. 3 bactericide.
3. store in a cool and dry place. drinking is strictly prohibited.
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