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specification: 50g/bag*120 bag/barrel
formulation: wettable powder
product characteristics:
according to the physiological characteristics of peanut growth, this product has been developed by experts for many years. it can effectively dwarf plants, resist diseases and premature senescence, increase oil yield, increase production and income by adding plant retardants such as uniconazole, plant promoter aminophenol, sodium alpha-naphthalene acetate, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, boron and high-activity anti-premature senility factors, anti-pathogens, etc.
1. controlling the vegetative growth of plants, effectively dwarfing plants, containing rooting factors, promoting root growth, thick green leaves, disease resistance, stress resistance and stubble resistance.
2. promote plant reproductive growth, early flowering, needling and fruiting, increase pod setting rate, plump peanut kernels, substantially increase yield and oil yield.
3. complete nutrition supplementation. it contains a variety of nutrients and growth enhancers, which can solve the problem of premature senescence of peanut in the later stage, and can not shed leaves and fruits, so it is easy to harvest.
usage method:
refer to peanut 1 1.
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