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specification: 20g/bag *40/box *8/box 200g/bottle *30 bottle/box 500g/bottle *20 bottle/box
formula: water
product characteristics: this product contains high-energy plant growth regulators, which can improve the activity of plant peroxidase and nitrate reductase, increase photosynthesis rate, promote cell division and elongation, accelerate root development, regulate nutrient balance and the balance of five endogenous hormones in plants.
on fields or vegetable crops:
1. accelerate crop rooting, raise seedlings and strengthen seedlings.
2. promote branching, tillering, flowering and budding, and increase seed setting rate.
3. expansion of fruit, early-maturing coloration.
4. prevent chilling injury at low temperature and enhance the stress resistance of crops.
5. effective prevention of man-made drug and fertilizer damage.
on fruit crops:
1. promote flower bud differentiation, preserve flowers and fruits, and increase fruit setting rate.
2. fruit expands quickly, increases hardness, prevents cracking and sunburn.
3. positive fruit type, fast coloring, reduce malformed fruit.
4. increase sugar content, good taste, good storage resistance and good commerciality.
5. low temperature is effective to prevent frost damage and tree senescence.
6. rapid repair of physiological defects in trees.
usage: this product is diluted 600-800 times liquid, leaf spray, interval 7-15 days spray once.
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